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H.F. Hanes & Associates is a full-service, independent insurance brokerage who can help you find the right plan, for the right time.

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Our experienced team can help you take all of your optional contingencies into consideration when you are searching for the right life insurance policy. We'll make sure you are covered - today and tomorrow.

As a certified agency for the Health Exchange Marketplace, H.F. Hanes & Associates has the experience needed to meet your needs while considering factors that play a significant role in your future quality of care.

Medicare alone isn't designed to pay for everything.  Turn to H.F. Hanes & Associates for Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans that are right for you.

Earning more doesn't mean you need to risk more. H.F. Hanes & Associates can help you enjoy higher yields and peace of mind when you implement a plan designed to increase your wealth & protect assets.


Focus on YOUR Financial Future

Our goal is to provide access to the best coverage for our clients at the lowest available rates.

We know that each family (and each individual) is unique with respect to their financial values, goals and objectives, so we take the time to listen to YOU and help you explore and understand the various options that are available to you in today’s competitive marketplace.

Insurance Solutions Designed With You In Mind

As an Independent Agency, H.F. Hanes & Associates will tailor solutions to meet individual needs. Since we represent a large pool of the nation’s top insurance providers, we have more flexibility than a captive agency. We can offer options based on your particular needs and work to meet a specific budget requirement. We’re not restricted to one carrier’s limited offerings. We do the shopping, comparing coverage from many companies to ensure you get exactly what you need at a price you’ll appreciate.

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