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Retirement Planning

You've worked hard for your money - isn't it time your money returned the favor?

When you're looking at retirement, you need to make sure you cover the important financial questions. Will your savings be enough? Is the interest you earn keeping up with the cost of living increases?

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Enjoy the benefits without the risks

Participate in a climbing stock market with a guaranteed minimum return

Increase Wealth

Let H.F. Hanes & Associates help you implement a safe, secure plan that earns as much as possible, without leaving you spending every day worrying. Work with us in a trusted, secure environment.

Protect Your Assets

You get rewards when the market climbs above specific set indexes, but if it does fall you are still guaranteed minimum return. Enjoy the safety & security you want, while keeping the door open for higher returns.

Earn More Interest

It is possible to earn more than just a basic savings account interest - safely and risk-free. Our focused team will help you determine the right fit for your future needs, so you can take advantage of the best market values.

It's time to Focus on your future.

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